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Walking in the Wet

Tips on “Waterproof Clothing”

In the words of Alfred Wainwright: "There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing."

My own views aren’t quite the same, as I think that If you go walking when it’s raining, then Eventually you will get Wet, the Trick therefore being to say dry as Long as Possible - But I do understand where A.W. was coming from ;-)

Therefore, as most times when you go walking in the rain, it is also reasonably warm and at least part of the trick of keeping dry (for as long as possible) is to take “suitable clothing."
And what I mean by this is that there is no point in keeping off the rainwater, and at the same time perspiring so much that you are just as wet !!
So, in warm weather, I tend to wear a single shell “Gortex” type jacket with a good hood (Here, a good friend of mine suggests that for those that wear glasses, then a peaked baseball style hat to wear under your hood will keep the rain off them)
The jacket is worn over a base layer – Or base layer and fleece jumper if it’s not that warm, below this a pair of shorts, then gaiters and “Gortex” type fabric boots – Then the rain washes off the bottom of my jacket, down by bare legs and over my gaiters and boots.

Above – Rob (Author) walking in Lakeland kitted out for rain

Crucially this “System” also keeps my socks dry and stops rainwater wicking down them into my boots which helps prevent getting wet feet which as we all know often leads to blisters.

We then come to the question of “Waterproof” Trousers – I would only wear these in very cold weather, or on long descents in chilly weather, so I do carry them in my rucksack in certain weather conditions

Above – Keith in his unwieldy cape being helped by Sid and Stevie

There are also “Waterproof” hiking capes – These tend to be very popular with continental walkers, but for some reason don’t seem to have caught on with British walkers – One reason might be that they are incredibly unwieldy in windy conditions. I had a friend try one when we walked Hadrian’s Wall and it did prove very difficult to get on one wet and windy morning and was, in fact, a two man job.

Above – The Rucksack Pro-Tector used in its secondary function as a water resistant rucksack liner
Finally, keeping your kit dry inside your rucksack, - Rucksacks aren’t waterproof and as if you are doing a multi-day walk, you will certainly need dry clothing at the end of the day therefore you must pack your clothes in waterproof bags inside your rucksack – Here my Rucksack Pro-Tector comes in very useful as its secondary function is to act as a water resistant liner for your rucksack – Further details HERE

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Live and learn!..It is always nice to heed the advice of experienced travelers like you, Rob! Best of luck!

by Vic_IV

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